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Through SMD’s consulting and integrated talent management suite, organizations can directly link HR processes to key business outcomes. No longer do organizations have to make assumptions about the impact of employee behaviors, attitudes, and skills. Our advanced analytics and ea0sy-to-use scorecards tell you exactly what impacts the bottom-line and the expected ROI to be gained from improving the key drivers.

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SMD and SPI Joint Venture:

Sales Talent Optimizer

Sales Talent Optimizer is the product of a joint venture between SMD and Sales Performance International (SPI). Sales Talent Optimizer helps sales executives maximize their team’s performance across the “hire-to-retire” lifecycle.

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Partnership with Dignity Health

SMD has partnered with Dignity Health to develop, administer, and oversee their entire survey process including their annual employee survey, physician survey, on-boarding survey, and exit survey.

SMD Link Review
Conducted by Bersin by Deloitte

SMD is proud to announce that SMD Link was recently reviewed by Bersin by Deloitte, a research-based people strategies company. Click the link below to read their review.

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Creating a Business-Focused HR Function with Analytics and Integrated Talent Management

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Employee Surveys

Next Webinar: August 21st 1:00pm ET

Engagement is Overrated: Use Your Survey to Drive Business Results

Let us list all of the “next big things” in the employee survey world: empowerment, satisfaction, best place to work, commitment, and now there’s ENGAGEMENT. There is even a vendor talking about SUSTAINABLE ENGAGEMENT. Unfortunately, engagement is not a Business Outcome. As a result, just measuring engagement alone won’t convince skeptical leaders that employee attitudes are important to business performance.

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